Behind The Author: Michael Owino

Who is the man behind the books?

The author Michael Owino has through his life done an extensive research about the subjects present in his works. He has, through his connections and knowledge, managed to deliver us a vivid picture of everything from the frontlines in World War II to upper echelons of CEO-life in companies. His knowledge from everything to crime has made the foundation for his books.

Hailing from Copenhagen, Danish author Michael Owino knows about the Scandinavian life in the Danish capital. But his travels around the globe, especially in Europe have given him his deep understanding of art, design and history.

The first two books of the trilogy is already released in Danish, with the first one already being translated into English with a lot of online-readers. His second book, The Attack on the Ferris wheel, is soon to be released in English as well, while the third book in the series, is on the way.

A lot of exciting new stories and adventures awaits for the reader as well as the author.