Michael Owino: The extensive book collection

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Dear Readers and Adventure Seekers,

Embark on a literary journey with Michael Owino, a skilled storyteller whose books promise to transport you to worlds filled with love, suspense, war, and crime. Available in hardcover, eBook, and Kindle formats, his captivating collection is ready to capture your imagination.


Love, Power, and Intrigue

In “Stalked,” Michael explores the complexities of love, power, and jealousy. Join Gabriella and her family as they navigate the challenges of obsession and societal expectations. Experience a tale that delves into the human psyche, available now on Amazon.

“Caught in Time”

A Wartime Prequel to “Milk”

“Caught in Time” takes you back to the Second World War, setting the stage for the events in the acclaimed “Milk.” Immerse yourself in a world of sacrifice and courage, available for purchase on Amazon.


A Thrilling Investigation into the Shadows of Illegal Art Business

Join investigator Tom Halvorsen in “Milk” as he unravels the consequences of a crime investigation gone wrong. Explore themes of honor, revenge, and justice in a world filled with suspense. Grab your copy of “Milk” on Amazon.

“The Attack on the Ferris Wheel”

Chaos Unleashed in 1979 Brighton

“The Attack on the Ferris Wheel” unfolds a tale of robberies gone awry in the British seaside town of Brighton. Witness chaos, crime, and unexpected consequences as the city plunges into darkness. Secure your copy on Amazon.

Immerse yourself in Michael Owino’s world of storytelling, where each book is an adventure waiting to be explored. Order your copies today and let the pages unfold tales of suspense, love, and intrigue.

Happy Reading!

Warm regards,
Michael & Team

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